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Institute for Safe Medication Launches e-Drug Assessment for 2011

Joseph Goedert, Health Data Management, April 26, 2011 The Institute for Safe Medication Practices has launched its 2011 Medication Safety Self Assessment for hospitals, sending the assessment electronically to facilities across the nation. The assessment, which follows similar efforts in … Continue reading

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Seniors Lack Knowledge of Medicare’s Free Preventative Benefits

The Washington Post, Susan Jaffe, 4/25/2011 The health care law gives Medicare beneficiaries access to more than a dozen tests and preventive services free of charge, but many seniors — and even some providers — aren’t aware of the benefits. … Continue reading

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STUDY: Nurse Staffing Affects Patient’s Readmission

Sylviane Duval, Health Services Research  Higher non-overtime staffing levels of registered nurses lower the probability of patient readmissions to the hospital, a new study finds. However, higher levels of RN overtime increase the likelihood of unplanned visits to emergency departments … Continue reading

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Nurses Become ‘Patient Navigators’

Cheryl Clark, HealthLeaders Media, 4/26/11 They’re called embedded care managers, patient navigators, even geriatric coordinators. In fact, they’re called dozens of other names as well. Increasingly, health plans and physicians’ offices are catching on to the idea that this extra … Continue reading

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Health IT: Eight Quality Improvement Stories

Health IT Portfolio Transforming Healthcare Quality through Health IT Projects    AHRQ Using Health IT: Eight Quality Improvement Stories  In 2004 and 2005, AHRQ funded 118 grants and cooperative agreements under the Transforming Healthcare Quality through Technology (THQIT) program to … Continue reading

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Health IT Tools Help with Care and Costs

Dr. Carolyn Clancy, AHRQ More hospitals and doctors’ offices are using health information technology (health IT). And that’s good news for patients. One of the most popular uses of health IT is the electronic health record. These records put your … Continue reading

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Endless Nursing Benefits of Electronic Medical Records (EMR)  Christina Orlovsky As America’s hospitals venture farther into the electronic age, nurses are beginning to recognize the benefits the electronic medical record (EMR) provides both to their patients and their profession. Pat Wise, MSN, RN, vice president of electronic … Continue reading

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