President and Owner of SusieCookRN Healthcare Consulting

With over 20 years in the healthcare field, Susie Cook provides training and consulting services built upon a wealth of clinical nursing and management expertise. She assists small hospitals and EMR vendors with the implementation of clinical EMR systems.   As an experienced  Clinical EMR Project Manager, Susie constructed a six (6) phase Clinical EMR Methodology.

The methodology is designed to assist Nursing management with a step by step guide to walk them through the process.  Hospitals and clinical managers will be prepared for the EMR computer vendor when they walk through the door to start the EMR project.  The goal is to reach as many Rural and Critical Access Hospitals to save them valuable time and money by teaching the methodical collection of information and lessons learned.

Small hospitals don’t have the time or resources to “RE-INVENT THE WHEEL”.

Susie Cook began her nursing career by working in a wide variety of specialities. She traveled extensively as a traveling RN working in large and small hospitals.  She has held the position of Director of Nursing, Risk Manager, LPN Instructor, Floor Supervisor, Director of Pharmacy and as a Clinical RN in numerous hospital departments.

Susie also works with attorneys as a Legal Nurse Consultant.  She assists law firms by providing nursing opinions, reviewing medical records and functions as an expert witness.  www.susiecookhc.com


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