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ANA Recognizes Emergency Nursing as Specialty News The American Nurses Association has announced its formal recognition of emergency nursing as a specialty practice. The ANA defines emergency nursing as “the care of individuals across the lifespan with perceived or actual physical or emotional alterations of … Continue reading

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Sacramento’s T3 Program Keeps Ill Homeless out of ER

By Jenn Walker, Living on the streets is tough. Living on the streets with a chronic medical illness like Crohn’s disease is even tougher. 52-year-old Steven Macko experienced this harsh reality four years ago when he was evicted from … Continue reading

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Use of Health IT to Manage Frequent Presenters to ER Departments

The effective and efficient management of frequently presenting emergency department (ED) patients is a challenge for many EDs. This group of patients is among the most complicated as they generally have complex medical and social maladies. Frequently presenting ED patients … Continue reading

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