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HHS Urges Medicare Patients to Make Use of Free ‘Health Care Reform’ Benefits

By Daniel J. DeNoon, WebMD Health News June 20, 2011 — Only one in six Medicare beneficiaries have so far received any of the preventive care services now free to them due to health care reform. To save lives — and money … Continue reading

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10 Benefits of an EMR System Listed by Medi-Smart

Medi-Smart Nursing Articles Electronic Medical Record An Electronic Medical Record is a secured electronic file of patient history, medical transcription notes, billing information, and all other information necessary to have a complete patient profile. It is true that the electronic … Continue reading

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Patient Navigators: Patient Advocates Navigating Through the Healthcare Maze

Patient Navigator, LLC Elisabeth Schuler Russell – Founder and President   The company’s founder, Elisabeth Schuler Russell, launched Patient Navigator LLC in October 2004 after navigating her 2-year old daughter’s journey through an inoperable brainstem tumor. Elisabeth experienced first-hand … Continue reading

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Nursing Humor!! Gotta Love It!!

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E-Books Outsell Printed Books at Amazon

The New York Times, 5/19/2011 In the latest chapter in the unfolding tale of the book evolution from ink to pixels, said Thursday that its customers now buy more e-books than print books. Since April 1, Amazon sold 105 books for … Continue reading

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Medical Humor: Nursing & Physician Documentation

Actual documentation on an EMR system “unresponsive and in no distress” “nonverbal, noncommunicative and offers no complaints” “irregular heart failure” “The need to maintain dialogue with the family regarding the appropriatenss of limiting futile care to the patient is noted” … Continue reading

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Endless Nursing Benefits of Electronic Medical Records (EMR)  Christina Orlovsky As America’s hospitals venture farther into the electronic age, nurses are beginning to recognize the benefits the electronic medical record (EMR) provides both to their patients and their profession. Pat Wise, MSN, RN, vice president of electronic … Continue reading

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