Clinical EMR Services

Clinical EMR Consulting Services

For Hospitals:

 Engaging the Clinical EMR Consulting Services will assure the hospital’s DON and their clinical managers will be equipped with the knowledge, plan of action and tools to                                                               execute an organized, successful EMR System implementation in the clinical departments of your hospital.

 Our Services include:

CONSULTATION:   Anytime throughout the Clinical EMR Implementation.

TRAINING CLASS: (at the hospital) A detailed review of any or all of the six phases of the Clinical EMR Methodology.   

ONLINE e LEARNING: If it’s too difficult to have all the clinical managers together for a Training Class, we offer each phase of the methodology online.  Preparation Lists and course booklet can be downloaded and printed.  Important preparation lists, examples, and other vital information are supplied as attachments.

Clinical EMR Consulting Services

EMR Software Company

We realize that your company is in a race the next four years to capture the market, sell your company’s software, and deploy the IT team to implement an EMR system in your customer’s hospital.  Allow our company to assist in accelerating the process.  We specialize in assisting the DON and their clinical managers prepare and organize for a successful Clinical EMR Project.

Our Services include:

 CONSULTATION:  The beginning of the EMR Project is an ideal time for our consultation to prepare the DON and clinical staff for your IT Team.  We are also available throughout the Clinical EMR Project.

 TRAINING CLASS:  A detailed review of any or all of the six phases of the Clinical EMR Methodology. Upon completion, the management team will be prepared for your IT Team when they walk through the door.

 POLICY & PROCEDURES:   Permitting our company to prepare the Policy & Procedures specific for your EMR software’s workflow would facilitate an end result of a shorter project time.

“Online e-Learning” Courses

Six (6) Phase: Clinical EMR MethodologyTM

Designed for the busy Director of Nurses & their Clinical Managers

Our company was founded on two (2) Goals:

  1. Save the DON’s and their Clinical Managers time and money. (Nursing hours)
  2. Reach as many small community and CAH hospitals as possible with the methodical collection of information and lessons learned.

We believe that we are fulfilling both goals by offering the invaluable information as independent “Online e-Learning” courses.


Clinical EMR Products


Writing and revising Policy & Procedures for an EMR Implementation is a time consuming and expensive endeavor.  Allow our professionals to assist and decrease the cost.


Suggested Tracking Tools are listed in each phase of the methodology.  An organized Clinical EMR Project will produce a successful Clinical EMR Implementation.

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