EMR Online eLearning Courses

Introducing:        “Online e-Learning” Course     (Available in the summer of 2011)

Six (6) Phase: Clinical EMR MethodologyTM     

            “EMR Implementation from a Nursing Perspective”

Study the individual Six (6) Phase: Clinical EMR MethodologyTM on “Your Time”

Any healthcare discipline that has worked in a small hospital is fully aware of the numerous hats that are worn. A Nurse Manager can be helping the nurses in ER with a Code and the next half hour sitting in a Board Meeting with the board members of the hospital.

We’ve experienced the scheduling nightmare attempting to plan a Training Class for all the clinical managers to attend!   So, our company has created six individual e-Learning courses that correspond with the six phases of the Clinical EMR Methodology.

Start from the beginning with:

Phase 1: Plan & Scope– The first phase establishes the foundation for an EMR Project. The goal is to bring the clinical managers up to date with the EMR/EHR Adoption process. General information regarding the process is reviewed. A list of IT language and acronyms is also provided so the team can get a basic understanding of the IT world.

Strategic planning is defined and the creation of a Clinical EMR Project Plan is outlined. The seven (7) critical elements recommended to include in the Clinical EMR Project Plan are introduced. The elements are:

  1. Clinical EMR Project Team
  2. Change Management
  3. Communication
  4. Compliance
  5. Work Flows
  6. Policy & Procedures
  7. Suggested Tracking Tools

A major portion of Phase 1 examines the critical elements and suggestions are provided on ways to incorporate the elements into every phase of the project.

The scope process of the EMR project is evaluated. A description of the vendor demos, site visits, and vendor selection is given to the clinical team that will participate in the selection process. An overview of Phase 2 is reviewed and a summary of issues, concerns, and lessons learned from Phase 1 is evaluated.

It’s easy & fast! Just visit our website, choose the course, make the payment, and receive a password. You can start the course whenever you like and visit as often as you like. A course booklet can be downloaded and printed. We have also included important preparation lists, examples, and other vital information as attachments.

Website: http://www.susiecookhc.com            Contact:  scook@susiecookhc.com


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